Monday, April 23, 2007


What has happened to me? I used to love writing. I could write sentences and paragraphs without missing a beat. It used to flow from me so naturally. Why do I find it so difficult to put words to paper (or hard drive, as the case may be)?

There is so much I want to write about..... but every time I sit down and start typing, I delete it all before posting. I want to write about:

  • working tax night in the post office (contract unit)and how it wasn't as stressful as I feared. It was actually quite festive and fun! I was surprised, however, that people were actually still looking for tax forms at 7:00 that night! (procrastinate much?)
  • how it sucks to have this ticking time bomb in my brain called MS and how paranoid I am about every little change to my body.
  • flashbacks........ those little things that pop into my head about events years ago. Sometimes they are caused by music or scents, sometimes they just show up without reason.
  • how depressed I get about the fact that my youngest son is only two years away from graduating high school, and I am not far away from an 'empty nest', except that I will still be taking care of my aging mother.
  • Why do I prefer digging in the dirt and gardening instead of cleaning my house? I hate to vacuum, although I still do it. But I'd rather be outside working in the yard.....
  • how the internet has grown into something that I'm not sure I like anymore... it's so full of drama and negativity. Am I looking in the wrong places?

Why can't I put these things into words anymore? My muse has deserted me!

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