Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going Postal - Two Cent Panic!!

New postal rates went into effect Monday, May 14. In the first four hours that we were open, we sold 16,000 two-cent stamps! So much work for so little money, if the truth be told.

And, of course, all the rates went up. So everyone was cranky. All day.

Late in the day, there were about six people in line. And a car at the drive-thru. I took care of one customer, then opened the door at the drive-thru and said "Can I help you?". Drive-thru diva person was yakking on her cell phone. I waited a second or two for her to acknowledge that I was there. Then when I got no response, I went back inside the door and waited on the next person in line. The one who wasn't yakking on her phone and deserved my attention. Drive-thru diva had a fit. Oh well, lady. Cell phones are the absolute bane of our existence. We are not going to hold up everyone in line until you finish your conversation!

Another DTD (drive-thru diva) wanted to exchange her 39 cent stamps for 41 cent stamps. Sorry, ma'am, I can sell you two-cent stamps, but we don't exchange. She wasn't happy. I tried to explain to her that in ten years, those stamps will still be worth 39 cents and all she has to do is add additional postage for a first class letter. There is no expiration date on stamps! She said she was going to go the 'real' post office to exchange them. I'm sure that after she waited 1/2 hour in their line, only to be told the same thing, that she was even more miserable. Serves her right.

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