Wednesday, October 18, 2006


We finally have an honest-to-God cold front! Yay! It's 56 and brisk outside. I love it!

We had some wicked weather last night which usually happens when the cold fronts move in. Lots of thunder and heavy rain and tornado watches. And, of course, Chris had hockey practice so I had to be out driving in it.

I always roll my eyes when the weatherpeople tell me that a cold front is moving in. That usually means we're going to drop from 95 to 80. Big damn deal... This time, I'm loving the cool fall weather. And I'll enjoy while it lasts because I'm sure by the weekend we'll be back to 90 again.

Saw my neurologist yesterday. Got to look at the pretty pictures of my brain. There are a lot more white spidery spots than the last time. The doctor says there are definitely more lesions, but no brain atrophy. I have no new symptoms and I feel fine. No change in medication or anything. So I guess the nurse didn't need to scare me to death when she called. Just a few more corrupted files, but the operating system is still working. Maybe not as zippy and perfect as it was, but I can deal with a few minor lags or errors. The system hasn't crashed yet!

Football tonight! In this nice cold weather.... I love it!

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