Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Odds and Ends

I spent some time in here talking about my mother's hometown of Strong, Pennsylvania. I found a really cool website, and it's so spot on about the area!

Even found a picture of an old firetruck that used to reside in the hosey. Those are the houses at the top of the 'patch' near the hosey. (I hope the owner of that site doesn't mind me stealing it!) My mom thinks this is the firetruck that she and my dad rode on their wedding day (my grandfather was a volunteer fireman).

I am going to recruit my niece, who still lives in Mt. Carmel, to go out this summer and take some pictures of specific landmarks. Including my grandparent's house and some other areas I would like to see again. I bet she wouldn't mind.

I also have a copy of my great-grandparents' wedding certificate from 1906. It's a beautiful certificate, but it's not aging well. The writing is almost gone. I really need to find someone who can preserve this. It's a hundred years old! I can't believe that my grandfather kept it all those years. He even copied everything it said on another piece of paper. Smart man, my grandfather. I guess he knew it wouldn't last.

My grandfather also kept journals of every penny that he spent. Every doctor's visit, every nail, every gallon of paint.... dates and prices. It's an amazing little piece of history.

Well, that's enough for tonight. My sons are going through pictures of the eldest's high school years. He graduates next week. Where did the last 18 years go?

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