Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rock the Day

I love YouTube. Go ahead, try it. The search facility is great. I'll get your day started with something special. Knopfler and Clapton are two of my favorite guitarists. I promise to share more later.

Eric Clapton With Mark Knopfler - Layla

How about we amp it up a bit with some Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith?

Led Zeppelin& Aerosmith


Shadowrydr said...

Hiya Terri!

I'm a big fan of youtube myself. I spend hours on there at times, so much good stuff.

Good to see you.


Terri said...

Hey, Tony!! How ya doing, handsome? It's been too long. I'm glad you found me. Stop in and visit once in awhile.

Remember when we moved from c$erve to IRC and we thought it was incredible that we could play .wav files? And change the color of the text? That was cutting edge stuff back then. Dayum, the net has changed a bit in ten years, hasn't it?